Mango Trees is an al fresco garden restaurant serving authentic Tandoori, Indian and Chinese cuisine at J.P. Nagar. Its vast space (25,000 sq. ft) with sophisticated fine dining, lawn and party area is a great place for family where the kids can run around and play while the adults indulge in a relaxing dining experience. Mango Trees offers both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food along with a Wine Traven, serving invigorating wines, wine cocktail & flavoured beer, mocktails and other beverages. With most eateries and fast food joints serving food in cooped up places with artificial air conditioning and intensifying amount of pollution, most of us would like to enjoy having food in a free and natural ambiance with lots of breathing space. Enjoy excellent food in fresh air, at a leisurely pace. This fine dine restaurant creates a relaxed ambiance, a sense of contentment where there is no rush. You can relish your time visiting, savouring and absorbing what you eat. We give you a tranquil experience – where you enjoy good food, good friends and a little bit of the good life. A fresh plate for each course, and each course is a mini event of its own.

 We do not use MSG or artificial colours/flavous in our Kitchen. Mango Trees is a garden restaurant with unrestricted expanse to lighten up. This is a peaceful place to stretch your legs and unwind. It is underneath a gigantic mango tree, a fruit bearing tamarind tree and surrounded by plenty of other natural foliage, located conveniently in the center of the city.